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Well Woven, a leading rug manufacturer and distributor asked Mission Data to evaluate the feasibility and value of leveraging a speech-based user interface in a warehouse environment. As a proof of concept, the effort is limited to the area of inventory management.


Given our interest in business use case scenarios appropriate for Amazon Echo’s Alexa, we jumped at the opportunity to rapidly develop and test this proof of concept (POC). Mission Data developed two primary Alexa interactions–the inventory status and location of a SKU in the Well Woven warehouse. Sample commands: “How many of item 8532 are there?” “What aisle is item 549103 in?”


Mission Data implemented custom, fundamental Alexa commands to explore the voice-based technology’s capability to make improvements to Well Woven’s operational efficiencies. The Alexa inventory support skills proof of concept was accepted, implemented and performed as expected. This leads the way to further exploration of voice-based interaction to improve Well Woven’s operational processes.


1 week

Our Role

  • Strategy
  • Engineering