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Our Case Studies


Otocast, a platform for mobile audio tours, sought to add support for Bose Frames to create an enhanced 3D audio experience for guided walking tours. The experience was launched for Otocast at the Bose activation at the SXSW conference in March 2019.


Mission Data engineered a location-aware 3D audio experience in the Otocast iOS mobile app leveraging the Bose AR SDK. A user is given the opportunity to pair their Bose device with the Otocast app and enjoy a hands-free walking tour. As users approach a point of interest, they hear 3D location-pinned audio guiding them to a tour stop. When users turn toward the location, a sound alerts them to double tap their frames to hear a detailed narration about the specific point of interest. If the user leaves the area while the narration is playing, the audio will pause. An audio prompt offers the ability to double tap their frames to continue listening, or they can simply let the audio fade and return to their walking tour.


Mission Data engineered the ability for a user to enjoy a 3D enhanced audio tour using Bose Frames sunglasses without the need to look at their mobile phone or even hold it in their hands.

The Bose-enhanced Otocast app was met with great enthusiasm by the Bose consumer marketing team. It was added to Bose’s Demo Alley at SXSW 2019 which highlighted apps showing strong integrations with their new platform.


6 weeks

Our Role

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