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Our Case Studies


Mercer Transportation, a trucking and logistics company, wanted a mobile app to improve driver communication and remove the tedious need for drivers to dial in to call centers, transcribe information from phone calls, and maintain paper records. The app needed to allow their large network of 2,500 owner-operators to complete required check-ins and communication with Mercer HQ directly on their mobile devices, with no waiting or confirmation from the call center.


Mission Data created iOS and Android apps allowing Mercer’s drivers to get all of the important information about their loads, destinations, pickups, and drop-offs on their phones.


Mission Data delivered a frictionless experience for Mercer’s distributed workforce. All Mercer drivers can chat with the main office, log vital customer information, create a paper trail, and report an ETA.


3 Months

Our Role

  • UX/UI Design
  • Engineering

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