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Libs Paving had outgrown their scheduling process, and realized that a custom software solution would make scheduling more efficient and also allow them to capture data for in-depth analysis.


Working closely with Libs Paving, the Mission Data team developed a web application for schedule creation along with mobile apps to receive these schedules in the field. As a bonus, the mobile app would allow employees to submit job reports, which capture hours and material usage in the field. These details are useful for tracking costs and resource usage for a job. The new scheduling system provides an automated job workflow starting from client confirmation through job execution to billing. The system integrates with their existing Configure/Price/Quote software. The integration imports job assignments, captures both materials & hours costs from the field, provides reporting, and notifies billing when work is completed.


Layers of manual workflow have been replaced both from the office into the field and back to the office. New reporting provides insights into cost variance, which identified previously untracked expenses in their process. Libs Paving capacity to take on new work has grown now that employees are freed from rote information gathering and analysis. After seeing success in one part of their business and as they continue to grow, Libs Paving and Mission Data continue to customize and expand the workflows covered by the solution.


6 months

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