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A leading spirits producer’s team of Brand Ambassadors had developed an ad hoc system of spreadsheets, emails, and check-ins that was inefficient and didn’t adequately measure key metrics. The team needed a modern tool to empower Ambassadors to more accurately measure productivity and give management access to critical data in a timely fashion.


Mission Data developed a powerful custom web app that brings a new level of productivity measurement, goal tracking, and detailed reporting to the Brand Ambassador program. The app’s mobile-friendly design allows Ambassadors to log activity and track performance from their mobile devices while visiting bars and restaurants. That real-time logging gives management an instant snapshot of performance of individual team members and the Ambassador program at large.


For the first time since the Brand Ambassador program’s inception, company management can clearly track performance, costs, and ROI of the program and individual employees.


8 months

Our Role

  • Strategy
  • UX/UI Design
  • Engineering
  • Managed Services