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The Center for Nonprofit Excellence, a leader in assisting nonprofit organizations in Louisville and the surrounding area, understood the difficulty many organizations faced in sourcing and seating new board members, many of whom could only serve limited terms. Similarly, they recognized the existence of a volume of quality candidates, eager to serve and needing little more than the right kind of exposure. CNPE wanted to provide a single solution for both of these problems which would automatically match the two audiences based on specific criteria, streamlining the process of connecting individuals to nonprofit and reducing effort expended on search.


Mission Data worked closely with CNPE to develop a new web application from the ground up, combining its knowledge of solid software design with CNPE’s understanding of the needs of nonprofits and potential board members. The resulting application, BoardMatch, is flexible enough to accommodate three kinds of users: individuals seeking board positions, nonprofits seeking board members, and for-profit corporations wishing to sponsor groups of seat-seeking individuals. In addition to the automatic matching algorithm, the application also allows users to manually browse organizations or individual profiles; privacy controls ensure the user only reveals as much or as little information as desired.


BoardMatch has greatly simplified a difficult and time-consuming task, providing hundreds of organizations and nearly a thousand individuals with a unique tool which does much of the work for them.


5 months

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