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Asphalt Institute, an international trade organization promoting quality management for construction materials laboratories, performs and processes a high volume of sample testing for its members. Employees performed these tasks using a complex Web-based application which was confusing and cumbersome to use.


Mission Data built a completely new application to replace an existing system. The new system, LabPortal, provides a comprehensive set of tools for logging and managing samples, inputting test results, and invoicing. Data is organized by each sample’s source of origin, allowing Asphalt Institute to associate a single company with multiple sources.

The initial version of LabPortal was released in 2014. Roughly a year later the system was expanded to allow staff to generate quotes for potential work, increasing sales capability. In 2019, nearly five years after release, a 2.0 release redesigned the main dashboard and dramatically simplified several key workflows, as well as modernizing the codebase to simplify future maintenance.


LabPortal now has greatly-increased capabilities including improved efficiency, accurately relaying data, streamlined workflows, and reliably serving staff and customers.


4.5 months.

Our Role

  • Strategy
  • UX/UI Design
  • Engineering
  • Managed Services

The upgrade to LabPortal 2.0 has tremendously enhanced the efficiency of our lab processes. We’ve seen an evolution to a more natural workflow, as well as greater flexibility for the user. These improvements have helped us to provide even better service to clients who entrust their testing needs to us.

Wes Cooper Senior Asphalt Technician

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