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Papa John's International - Papa John's Online

Papa John's Online

We enabled Papa John’s to grow its global online and mobile revenues through innovative, scalable, and highly functional ecommerce and customer rewards solutions. We created applications supporting ordering, tracking, payments, rewards, advertising, alerting, and integration to a wide array of internal/external systems and services. Most recently we helped strategize and implement an improved approach for the resetting of user passwords, making ordering even more frictionless and swift.

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Papa John's International - Online Ordering Android and iOS Applications

Online Ordering Android and iOS Applications

Mission Data built an Android app in a short time frame and made significant UX and functionality improvements to a pre-existing iOS app for Papa John’s before giving the iOS app a complete overhaul in 2015. We provided managed services and updates of the highly rated apps, which are used globally to improve order accuracy, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction. The iOS app met the business goal of 20% improvement in convergence and speed to order.

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Data Warehousing, Dashboarding, and Data Analysis Support

We have supported a multitude of projects for Papa John’s executives and franchise owners focused on supporting real-time and analytical use of operations and sales data. Through a series of efforts for nearly a decade we have:

  • Created a real-time access and analysis of store data that had previously been a batch once-a-day analysis
  • Constructed a processing system supporting historical store data and metrics that integrated into a third party marketing system
  • Developed a real-time historical sales analysis capability that leveraged a data warehouse
  • Designed and built an operations dashboard that aggregated and provided data based on organizational role (e.g., corporate, district, franchisees). The initial browser-based solution was eventually converted to a mobile solution prior to the standardization of mobile UX/UI methods.

Point of Sale System (POS)
Conversion and Support

As long time partner with Papa John’s IT organization, Mission Data provided consulting and development services on multiple aspects associated with the evolution and implementation of their POS environment. This includes consulting on and then participating in the initial conversion of the POS to Java — a strategic new standard for the enterprise.

Beyond the conversion Mission Data participated in multiple updates and enhancements of the POS including the use of a computer-based map that was central to altering the operational perspective from Papa John’s specific use of geographic sectors to more practical map-based perspectives that defined operational geographies in terms of cities, towns, street addresses, etc. This enabled us to build a pizza delivery driver dispatch system that tightly coupled the POS to orders to “smart” driver routes.

Finally, Mission Data has been engaged as technical consultants by Papa John’s in evaluating potential third-party POS products that were being considered to replace or augment their internally developed and integrated solution domestically and internationally.

Customer Support

As part of our work with Papa John’s online we’ve been engaged multiple times to automate and improve customer support. We created a suite of tools for the Online Customer Service Representatives that gave them the ability to monitor the health of the Online ordering system as well as automate and support common but consumer critical needs such as password resets, cancel or modify orders and open or close stores.

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