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Our Latest Projects

Virtual Reality Tours

We're exploring business use cases for virtual reality, including engaging virtual tours.

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Augmented Reality Apps

We created a prototype AR app for the iPhone that shows users where the nearest Capital Bikeshare station is relative to the user’s location and directional orientation. The AR overlay shows the name and distance of each station.

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Office IoT

We're developing functionalities for our offices with the Amazon Web Service Internet of Things Button.

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3D Printed Tools + Proof-of-Concepts

We use our Flashforge Creator Pro 3D printer to produce a broad range of prototypes and tools that help us in our experiments with emerging technologies.

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Haptic Devices

We created both a haptic compass that buzzes according to the direction of an iPhone and a standalone haptic device to detect iBeacons without the use of a smartphone.

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Slack + Beacons

We got a few RadBeacons to play around with, so we integrated them with Slack to create a "check-in" feature that alerts team members via Slack when someone gets into the office.

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Internal Alexa Skills

We created an Alexa skill that integrates with our beacon- and Slack-enabled Mission Data Office app. Staffers can ask the Amazon Echo to identify the specific location of someone in the office. We also created a skill for Alexa to tell our DC staffers which food trucks are outside the office at any given time.

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