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We build smart digital products that transform the way companies do business.

Founded in 1996, Mission Data is a leader in helping global organizations implement successful digital products and platforms. We work collaboratively in user experience design and digital product engineering, applying emerging technologies to create innovative solutions that push our clients to the forefront of their industries. Our team is located across the country with offices in Louisville, KY and Washington, DC.

Our Mission

Our love of all things tech is grounded in the possible. The practical application of technology to enable big ideas is what excites us. We strive to make a lasting impact on the businesses with whom we partner. We are seasoned advisors, architects, designers, engineers, strategists, and builders of great things.

Aidan Arnold

Aidan Arnold Developer/Software Engineer

After a long journey through academia, Aidan found software development the best fit for his desire to make an impact and fuel his curious intellect. He’s dedicated to crafting elegant solutions that solve logistical problems and improve people’s lives and jobs. He enjoys pop culture, hiking, and spending time with friends and family.
Philip Becker

Philip Becker Developer/Software Engineer

Philip started coding in Basic on his dad’s Commodore 64 and took every coding class he could find until earning a degree in software engineering. He likes writing code that is not only functional, but built to last. He’s intrigued by serverless technology on the cloud, and when he isn’t working, he enjoys strategy board games and film.
Todd Budnikas

Todd Budnikas Creative Director

Todd has helmed Mission Data’s design team for many years. Artistic from a young age, he polished his graphic design chops at Rochester Institute of Technology. He’s inspired by making positive impacts on people’s lives. He mentors other designers as founder of Build Guild Louisville, enjoys playing guitar, and spending time with his wife and kids.
Eric Cassidy

Eric Cassidy Senior Front-End Developer

Eric started making websites during the dot-com boom and has been hooked ever since. He enjoys balancing face-to-face interactions with heads-down development to solve problems. He’s interested in simplifying interfaces and putting the user first. In his free time, he plays music and enjoys traveling.
Ross Crenshaw

Ross Crenshaw Developer/Software Engineer

Coming soon.
DV Suresh Dasari

DV Suresh Dasari Developer/Software Engineer

DV became interested in programming while earning his degree in electrical and electronics engineering. He enjoys solving problems, finding solutions, and learning every day. He’s excited by the possibilities of ReactJS, mobile development, and cloud computing. He enjoys spending time with his family and traveling.
Darren Day

Darren Day Principal Engineer

Darren brings a wealth of engineering expertise to Mission Data. He’s been hooked on tech since he used his first computer – a TRS-80 Model III – in second grade. He likes exploring corner cases before they become missing features or bugs. He earned a computer science degree from Transylvania University, and enjoys reading and traveling with family.
Ro Dixon

Ro Dixon Senior UX Designer

Coming soon.
Stuart Gavurin

Stuart Gavurin Chief Executive Officer

Stu balances the practical with the big picture. With more than 25 years experience pioneering digital strategies for several companies, he leads Mission Data with energy and focus on business outcomes. He holds a master’s in computer science from American University, is excited by the possibilities of non-screen interfaces, and enjoys martial arts.
Mark Harrod

Mark Harrod Developer/Software Engineer

Mark wears many hats at Mission Data: developer, business analyst, project manager, network infrastructure manager, and independent consultant. He has a degree in computer science and started his career in the IBM midrange arena in the late ‘80s, programming in RPG and COBOL. He likes learning every day, and he enjoys playing golf.
Rachel Jeong

Rachel Jeong Sr. Associate Developer/Software Engineer

While studying biomedical engineering at George Washington University, Rachel discovered a love for software development. She enjoys helping Mission Data’s clients make their businesses more efficient and user-friendly. She likes to cook and bake, do circuit training, and she’s an alumnus of Alpha Omega Epsilon engineering sorority.
Lucas Kern

Lucas Kern Associate Front End Developer/Designer

Lucas began building websites in the 10th grade using Microsoft’s FrontPage. He earned his degree in New Media Interactive Development from Rochester Institute of Technology, and he continues to embrace new technologies such as VR and deep learning. When he’s not working, you can find him hiking, producing videos, and meeting fellow JSLou members.
Guido de Lazzari

Guido de Lazzari Developer/Software Engineer

Coming Soon
Jeffrey Lewis

Jeffrey Lewis Associate Developer/Software Engineer

Jeff became interested in programming during high school and started developing his own smartphone apps a hobby. He joined Mission Data after graduating from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in Computer Science. He is driven to create technology that enhances people’s lives. For fun, he plays sports, video and board games, and music.
Rachel Lipson

Rachel Lipson Recruiting Manager

Rachel has advocated for the best talent to join Mission Data since 2013. With a BA in psychology from George Washington University, she’s spent more than 15 years building teams and training professionals as a recruiter for a variety of industries. She also volunteers as an art teacher and school fundraiser.
Ann Liu

Ann Liu Chief Financial Officer

Ann is an accomplished financial executive who brings a results-oriented approach to Mission Data, ensuring we satisfy our customers. She has an MBA from Indiana University and is excited by the possibilities of data analytics and the remote workforce. Ann enjoys attending youth soccer games, golf, reading, and travel.
Steve Lovell

Steve Lovell Developer/Software Engineer

Steve has worked in federal financial consulting in tandem with software engineering, bringing a unique skillset to the table. He earned his finance degree from University of Maryland University College, and he enjoys helping clients build value with data-driven decisions. When he’s not at coding meetups, he spends free time sailing and backpacking.
Scott Lund

Scott Lund Sr. Developer/Software Engineer

Scott has expertise in many languages and has written software that has been used by millions of users. His genuine love for computers and coding inspires him to keep up with the latest technologies, tools, and programming languages. One trend he is particularly excited by is the collision between Big Data and machine learning.
Jordan Matuschka

Jordan Matuschka Developer

Jordan started coding at the age of 9 and hasn’t been able to get the monkey off his back since. He was really into building LEGO robots as kid and earned his computer science degree at Indiana University Southeast. He’s driven by Dr. Frankenstein moments when all the pieces fit together and a project comes alive. He enjoys hiking and homebrewing.
Carson McDonald

Carson McDonald Vice President, Research & Development

Carson began programming for fun in the ‘80s and he still has fun doing it today. He’s a seasoned technologist and leads our engineering and research initiatives exploring emerging technologies. He holds a computer science degree from Transylvania University.
Federico Muñoz

Federico Muñoz Developer

Coming Soon
Aaron Patterson

Aaron Patterson Quality Assurance Analyst

Aaron earned a film degree at Columbus College of Art & Design before discovering his love for tech while working for a large online retailer. A self-described “hybrid analytical-creative,” he’s passionate about problem-solving to reach the ideal finished product. He still makes time for film and produces a comedy web series with local creatives.
Tom Pessler

Tom Pessler Developer/Software Engineer

Tom is a seasoned developer at Mission Data. He earned degrees in computer science and mathematics, and is inspired by the 25-plus years of change he has witnessed in the industry. When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children.
Cindi Ramm

Cindi Ramm Chief Marketing Officer

After working in advertising, marketing, and other fields, Cindi joined Mission Data as COO before shifting gears to CMO. Passionate about helping clients achieve results and create value for their customers and staff, she brings Mission Data’s vision for digital transformation into focus. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and wine tasting.
John Rice

John Rice Principal Engineer

John is a passionate technologist and team player. He began his career with the US Navy and has developed expertise in many aspects of software development. He is interested in how technology improves people’s lives. In his free time he likes to putter around the farm, ride his bike, study classical and jazz guitar, and play with his dogs.
Selena Ricks-Good

Selena Ricks-Good Content Marketing Director

Selena is a highly experienced journalist exploring the intersections of technology, business, lifestyle, and drinks. Her articles have appeared in CBS New York, Village Voice, and Time Out New York, among others. She earned her political science degree from the University of Southern Maine and lives in New York with her family.
Lori Ruzicka

Lori Ruzicka Administrative Support Specialist

Lori brought her jack of all trades background to Mission Data and has steered our front office for many years. She enjoys building relationships with clients and helping to manage Mission Data’s people and day-to-day activities, which may include playing with the latest gadgets. She enjoys spending time with her family, her dogs, and cooking.
Chris Smith

Chris Smith Principal Engineer

Coming soon
Evan Smith

Evan Smith Developer/Software Engineer

While double majoring in computer science and audio technology at American University, Evan interned in web development at The Washington Post and NonprofitCMS, forging a path in software development. A perpetual problem solver, he’s excited about APIs and streaming technologies. You can find him snowboarding and rock climbing in his downtime.
Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith Quality Assurance Analyst

Since earning his degree in computer science, Matthew has focused his career on Quality Assurance. He brings a thorough attention to detail to every project, explores automation frameworks for testing, and enjoys a good challenge. When he’s not sweating the small stuff for Mission Data you can find him gaming, gardening, or working on cars.
Nathan Smith

Nathan Smith Associate Developer/Software Engineer

While at Hopkins, Nathan wore every hat he could, working on AR/VR, machine learning, and mobile projects. He's passionate about the ways technology can help tell stories, share experiences, and improve lives around the globe. Nathan enjoys making music, videos, and games, and putting them all together.
Sean Smith

Sean Smith Director of IT

Sean’s passion for tech first appeared at the age of 9 when he wrote his first program in Qbasic to keep track of ping pong scores. He has a degree in telecommunications from the University of Kentucky, and describes his system administration role as a digital janitor, support firefighter, server puppetmaster, and security nerd. He spends free time with his young kids, watching baseball, and tasting bourbon, beer, and coffee.
Todd Spurlock

Todd Spurlock Sr. Developer/Software Engineer

Todd has been exceeding expectations since writing his first program at age 12. He earned his computer science degree from the University of Dayton and has devotedhis career to engineering and developing software. He’s intrigued by augmented reality and enjoys exploring parks with his family.
Melville Stanley

Melville Stanley Developer/Software Engineer

Melville brings a depth of engineering experience to the table. With a computer science degree from West Virginia University, he started out as a network and systems administrator for a dial-up ISP in the ‘90s before moving into mobile app development. He’s excited about virtual and augmented reality and enjoys playing the drums and riding his bike.
Henok Tadesse

Henok Tadesse Developer/Software Engineer

Henok started working as a software developer right after earning his degree in electrical and computer engineering. He’s motivated by solving problems and staying up to date with the latest trends and technologies. When he’s not at Mission Data, Henok enjoys working out, traveling, and reading.
Justin Toon

Justin Toon Senior Designer/Front-End Developer

After earning a degree in communication arts and design and working as a print designer, Justin taught himself front-end development to meet the industry’s demand for digital skills. He enjoys working within the constraints of a project while learning new skills and capabilities. He’s intrigued by the evolution of JavaScript and developments in AI.
Jess Wiltey

Jess Wiltey Associate UX/UI Designer

Previously a UX/UI intern for Mission Data, Jess joined the team after graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a BFA in new media design and visual media. She is eager to explore cutting-edge trends and technology, especially augmented reality. When she’s not traveling, she enjoys watching Netflix and hanging out with her cats.
Kevin Yam

Kevin Yam Vice President of Product Management

Coming soon.
Steven Yelton

Steven Yelton Chief Technology Officer

A founding partner of Mission Data, Steven earned his computer science degree from Transylvania University before interning with IBM and earning an M.S. from the University of Kentucky. He enjoys working with companies from a wide variety of industries. In his free time, you can catch Steven running, tasting bourbon, and rooting for UK sports teams.
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Our Community Initiatives

Together we can build a better future. Mission Data partners with global non-profit and non-governmental organizations that are working to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. We are honored to work with organizations such as:

The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves logo

The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves

For several years we’ve been a supporter of The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. This organization is at the forefront of bringing clean cookstoves to countries where exposure to smoke from traditional cookstoves poses one of the greatest known health risks to women and children.

Every 8 seconds someone dies from cookstove smoke inhalation. We want to help. The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, a United Nations Foundation led initiative, is working to prevent these deaths by bringing clean and efficient household cooking solutions to 100 million homes by 2020. Learn more at

At Mission Data, we’re always eager to hear from talented professionals interested in joining our team. We’ve established an environment that cultivates creativity and fosters learning and innovation. We are passionate, curious, pragmatic, and dedicated. We’re growing—are you game?

Stuart Gavurin - portrait Stuart Gavurin  — wacky variant
Todd Budnikas - portrait Todd Budnikas  — wacky variant
Matthew Smith - portrait Matthew Smith  — wacky variant

Our Culture

Spend some time with the team at Mission Data, and you’ll quickly learn we’re passionate people who highly value the work that we do. We’re a group of more than 40 individuals who enjoy designing and developing sophisticated market-leading digital solutions for businesses with big ideas. We’ve been around since 1996, and consider ourselves experts in systems engineering and web and mobile UX/UI design.

Our teams are based in Washington, DC, just steps from the Capitol Building; Louisville, KY; and also on-site with our clients nationwide.

Our Clients

We work with organizations of all sizes, from innovative small and medium-sized businesses to several Fortune 500 companies. Some of our more prominent clients are Papa John’s, National Geographic, NBCUniversal/BravoTV, Maker’s Mark, the Kroger Company, and The Johns Hopkins University. To learn more about some of our key clients and recent work we’ve done, view our work.

View More Clients View All Case Studies

What We Do, Day In and Day Out

At Mission Data, we build smart, innovative and market relevant digital products from the ground up. We apply with the leading market Open Source technologies, such as Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Objective-C, JavaScript, jQuery, Swift, HTML5, MySQL, and NoSQL databases. We’re experts in mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. We’ve also established Mission Data Labs where team members have the opportunity to experiment with emerging technologies and continuously learn new skills. Because of our size, all team members work directly with our leadership and clients. Together we build, solve challenges, and collaborate.

Current Openings

See below for our current openings. Mission Data is an equal opportunity workplace.

Exploring post-grad opportunities? Interested in an internship?

We have a robust college hiring program for both interns and permanent hires and we will be visiting campuses in the fall and spring months. However, we are flexible and are willing to meet with motivated students any time of the year. If you’re interested in applying to Mission Data, check out our open positions and submit your resume. Also, feel free to share your portfolio, GitHub profile, or anything else that might help us get a sense of your talent and desires.

Our recruiting team is also happy to hear from you, too. Feel free to reach out to us.